Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Homeschool 2017/2018

We officially began our learning adventures of 2017/2018 yesterday with a celebration. Not only was it our first day of lessons, but it was also the Solar Eclipse! I was SO excited about this, that I wanted to do a lot of fun activities during the day. I worked late Sunday night in preparation. With just a bit of rearranging things that we already had in our house, and a few dollars spent at the discount store I had a beautiful vignette set up for our first day! 

Black and white tableware
Owl vase (from a nature pal friend exchange)
Moon Pies

For breakfast I decided to make pancakes... they are kind of a tradition for our "first day"
I made a batch and then added cocoa to 1/3 of the batter.
To represent a sun and a moon.

Our Eclipse pancakes! 

First day pictures are always a must. 
Eli, almost 15

Carlie, 13

Abram, 12

And our newest student, Ace! Almost 2 
He stays with Cousin Chas and we all ADORE him! 

And me... almost 42! 

My little scholars.
Beginning the day with Bible and copywork.

But shortly moving on to individual studies after our morning time basket.

Historical Biographies 


And Art! 

I plan to share the rest of our Solar Eclipse/First day of homeschool pictures with you tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by! 
Have a beautiful day! 

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