Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday Doughnuts

Today my baby turns 12. Yes... I said that. 
12. TWELVE. twelve... 1-2!
My BABY is 12.
After church last night, in the rain mind you, Shannon and I went out to pick some flowers out of the miserably-failed-garden. (*sigh*)
I wanted to have some fresh flowers for the table because TODAY is my baby's day.

Eli suggested yesterday that I make one of Abe's favorites for breakfast. DOUGHNUTS! 
So after I got Shannon off to work this morning, I got ready and prepared the birthday doughnuts.
Seriously though... is there anything in this world more delicious than a hot doughnut with a cup of coffee? I think not. 
Each birthday celebrated in our home has the privilege to pick out their favorite meal for supper. Shannon and Eli almost always pick some type of Italian pasta meal. Spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, you get the picture.
Cameo almost always picks Chinese. Stir-fry, or my Chinese noodles and meat dish with yum-yum sauce. 
Carlie will often choose potato soup or fettuccini Alfredo. 

Me? If I get to choose for my birthday? It's Mexican!!! YUM!

But my Abe picked chicken casserole for supper tonight. So I popped some chicken in the instant pot last night and shredded it after it cooled. Today I will make up the casseroles, peel the potatoes, and get things ready for tonight. 

All the while trying to come up with a cookies n' cream birthday cake. I'll let you know how that turns out later on. 

Happy Birthday, Abram Jerome. I sure do love you!!! 

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