Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blood Mountain

My men participated in a hike early this month... not just any hike! They hiked Blood Mountain! It was their first time on the Appalachian Trail. And as with most anything when it's your first time, they learned a lot! Things they should definitely do, things they should definitely not do again. I was so excited for them and hope to go on a trail with them one day. 
They experienced a lot of rain, a lot of heat, and some cold at night because of the rain. They realized that there was definitely some equipment they need. Proper hammock straps for one, and that they had more food than they needed... My fault! ;)
Eli was the main one that was fired up for the hike. He had been looking forward to it for a very long time. This Mom had been a bit nervous about it for a long time. But they came back with a great experience! 

Blood Mountain is the highest Appalachian Trail ascent in Georgia! It peaks at 4,458 feet! 
The trail the boys hiked over the almost 2 day time was in excess of 10 miles, including that 2.15 mile ascent to Blood Mountain!

According to their guide and leaders, they were to bring a certain amount of water for the first day and then they would refill at their destination for the night. Unbeknownst to them, the spring they were going to use to refill was practically dry. And you know, on the trail, worse than no food, is no water! So thankfully that evening, although it was difficult to endure the rain while hiking, God allowed their to be enough rain for them to filter and refill their packs with water for the hike the next day. What a blessing! 

This was a picture of the whole group. The guide was the guy on the far right. 
I'm so proud of their perseverance and their experience as they had the opportunity to hike this trail! 

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