Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Yesterday we had a fun day planned with some of our most favorite friends coming over for a going-away party, play-day. We had a lot to do to get ready and got started very early yesterday morning, but woke up to quite a bit of rain that we thought was supposed to end through the night. 
When Eli went out to check on the animals, he came in to report that one little chick had died. I was very sad because all of them seemed to have been doing so well. I assumed it had just gotten wet and cold. After he told me about the chick, he came back to me a minute or so later and said, "Mom... it's not all the way dead yet." It reminded me of that scene on "The Princess Bride" where Miracle Max tells them that Westley is only MOSTLY dead, but not all the way dead. So I donned my best Miracle Max attitude and started to work. 

I told Eli to bring me the chick and a towel into my bathroom. I really felt like Max because when I saw this little gal, I was thinking that it would definitely take a miracle for this one to live. I started rubbing the chick with a towel and warming it with the hairdryer. Then we got a small syringe and fed it water in little drops. After about 20 minutes of warming and feeding water, we had a bit of movement. I told the kids, if it would just open it's eyes, I would begin to feel better. Not too long after, eyes would pop open for a brief second or two. I felt hopeful.

After I got that amount of hope, I had Eli go and grab a box with some shavings from the garage. Not two minutes after he walked outside... I heard "MOM!!!!" 
Oh boy... what now?
"Mom, there is a opossum in the shavings!"

When I heard that I just had to shake my head... What a day and it was only about 8 in the morning!!!! I said, "well, we are going to have to get rid of it, it will kill the chickens!" So out the boys went again, and not a few minutes later I find this in my house! 

I will admit to you, that it was cute. Surprisingly cute. 

A friend took it home with them, but what a funny morning it all turned out to be... We had a grand day with our friends and are so very thankful for their presence in our lives.
And I'm happy to report that little chick is alive and well this morning! 

Have a lovely day, friends!!

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