Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend happenings

Over the weekend we worked on the chicken yard some more. Preparing for Eli's new hens to be on the pasture. We secured fencing, made sure there were no obvious holes in the hen house and got things ready for the big move. We put babies in the portable pen for keeps and put the older ladies on pasture. Being that they were out there now, we wanted to get a rooster to help protect them, and we would love to hopefully hatch off our own chicks one day. So, welcome Big Red #2. 

He's a Copper Maran rooster, and boy is he pretty. His coloring is incredible. Too many colors to even name. The colors of his tail feathers are so unusual... after all the reds and greens on his chest, his tail feathers are black and white. We were immediately taken with his beauty. Plus, he's good with the hens, so we were happy to take him home. 
Fresh eggs again! What a blessing!

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