Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life these days

I found this Luna Moth late last week. It's wing was damaged and it looked to be dying. I brought it home to show the kids and to add to our nature collection once it was dead. I sat it on our shelf and it remained there for hours and hours. 
Then, through the night we heard a flapping noise. I am guessing it was somewhat still alive enough to flop around, and so it's been flopped for a while now. I knew that moths were more active at night, but I was really surprised with this one because I thought it was almost dead, for sure. 

The other morning, Carlie Jean set an alarm for early because she wanted to get up and make some homemade cinnamon rolls for the family for breakfast. She has said many times before that she thinks one of the greatest things is kneading bread dough.... I quite agree. It is very enjoyable. Anyhow, I told her that if she wanted to be a baker, that she would have to get up early enough because breads have to have a rising time. So, she set her alarm and had her recipe and got to work early and made a wonderful batch of cinnamon rolls for the family. I worked along behind her, helping her tidy as she worked, because that's one area that I tell the kids we all need to work on. Clean as you go and there will be MUCH less of a mess at the end. ;) 

As you can see in the photo above, the chicks and ducks are definitely growing! We have this one who keeps testing the limits. We call the chick "Deacon" because it hops up on top of their little 'house'. My nephew Deacon is always climbing up on top of everything right now, so this is why we call this chicken "The Deacon chick". Because the chick wants to test his boundaries also. ;) 

The weekend was a slurry of moments of sun, but a LOT of rain. Buckets even. We were able to work outside a good deal on Friday, but Saturday was rain on and off and then the evening was a downpour. It hindered my gardening plans, but I did get to work in the flower beds and get them mulched and cleaned up. I was thankful for that. Now if we will get some decent days of sun, the garden plot can dry out and we can get some plants in the ground. I'm an eager beaver... for sure!

Have a great day friends!

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