Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Valentine's Banquet '17

Most every year my husband and I attend the Valentine's banquet that our church association puts together. This year, not only did we plan to attend, but it was our churches turn to host! 
Many, many hands got together to make it happen, and it was a roaring success and very beautiful!
Deep, rich red fabrics draped across the tables. Centerpieces of pearls, roses, candles, and gems.

Desserts galore! Because what Valentine's banquet would be complete without some beautiful, decadent desserts??

Kitchen workers having fun together while they prep! I love these ladies!
A greeting table!
A photo op booth! 
Love permeated the entire place. 
Everyone worked so hard and I am so proud of our church. 

The guys outside grilling it up!

I hope your Valentine's was sweet... 


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  1. Happy to see your post. The church looked so lovely, and I always enjoy the decorating and preparing desserts. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida