Friday, January 27, 2017

Bread Baking

We've been getting back in the habit of really making our dollars stretch. It's so easy to slip out of the habit and get loosey-goosey and frivolous... a few dollars spent here and there for junk. Anyhow, we have made a commitment to get back to basics and that means, following our budget like we should, making things from scratch, being prepared, staying home more, using things up to their fullest potential, and not buying if we don't have to. 
One great way to save is bread. I have some bubbly sour dough starter coming from a friend, but until then I found a recipe from The Prudent Homemaker for a batch of 4 loaves of bread that she says equals out to about a quarter a loaf!!! Sure beats $2.50+ per loaf at the grocery store. 
One thing Shannon and I have realized is that we have shown our kids a lot of things, but it's like we have 2 sets of kids... What Cameo and Eli may remember us showing them, Carlie and Abram may not remember... since they are younger. 
So I am doing my best to remedy that and make sure that we teach our second batch as well as we have taught our first. 
So I took the bread recipe with the younger two, plus our little sweetie that stays with us during the day and we got to making our quadruple batch of bread.

We talked about how to measure the flour loosely so that it's not too compact. We watched the yeast activate. We kneaded. We let the dough rise. We shaped it. And we baked it. 

Every bit. Every step... all together. And when we were done, we tasted our finished loaves. 
Yum, yum!
Success... All the way around! 
And at .25 per loaf (or close) then that just makes it all the more wonderful! 

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  1. I love this!!!! We've also not been as diligent about stretching dollars. I think the kids and I will try this bread recipe this week :)!