Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Making

Christmas around my house is FULL of Christmas making. There are a lot of wonderful things you can buy in this world. I often choose to make many of the gifts that we give as a family. Not because it is cheap or thoughtless.... but quite the opposite. I want it to be something that is appreciated and remembered. Not everyone cares for a homemade gift, I am aware of that. And that is just fine. But know if I take the time to consider YOU in the gift that I make, it's just that. I tried to come up with a gift to give that would be something YOU would appreciate! I think that is a very grand thing. 
Or if you buy something from someone that makes things, it is another act of love. No doubt in my mind. The person making, like myself, puts many hours into that gift. 

Speaking of, the last few nights, my bedtime has changed dramatically because of all the love from my Messy Bun Hat! I am seriously BLOWN AWAY! I don't think this little blog has ever witnessed so many views! It's awesome! I am happy to be making so many for people to give their loved ones or for themselves! And then making for my family gifts. I love this time of year so much, I just would love to be able to survive and thrive on so little sleep. I know these late night and early mornings are gonna catch up with me!
So again, appreciate those handmade items... they are special. 

Happy Christmas Making

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  1. Chas, I love homemade everything but I totally understand about not everyone liking them or many don't even realize how much time and effort put in to homemade. Enjoy your christmas gift making