Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Crafting

It's December!! And that means Christmas crafting is in FULL swing! I always feel terribly behind when December finally shows up, but at the same time, I get incredibly excited too... because this is my most favorite time of the year... ever! 
I love it that there are always new things to make and new crafts to try. 
Ranging from crochet and knitting to paint and woodworking, soap making, candle dipping, to any and all things in between, I like to dabble in it all. 
I enjoy getting messages asking me to make this or that. And then getting one of the best compliments ever, a friend called me to ask about a baby shower gift... she said she was thinking about what to do when her little girl said, "Moma... call the lady that makes pretty things!"
Now that is a compliment!!

Keeping my hands busy and keeping my heart full of all of the wonderfulness that Christmas brings. Seeing the excitement on my children's faces when they see a present under the tree with THEIR name. Witnessing them sneak around to wrap gifts (made or bought) for their siblings. 
And this year... we have a little extra sweetness around here. A little bundle of love that we get to share our days with. He makes us smile, laugh, and brings us all so much joy. 

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