Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Minion Fun on a Budget

Last night my family participated in Trunk or Treat at our church. I had tons of ideas running through my head all year long as to what we would be... but when we got down to the wire, things didn't work out the way I was planning so we had to take a detour. 

Finally I realized that I could make us the characters from "Despicable Me" 
I thought it would be cute, fun, and fairly inexpensive. And I was right.
I went to my local good will for the clothes parts. All the yellow shirts, though different close up, they look great when everyone was dressed and together. 
The hats... well my sister found those for me at a local variety store. We scored those for $2.50 each! Woot!
The googles are canning jar rings! I have plenty of those. I twist tied them together in the middle and then sewed a stretchy headband to make the strap to go around their head. 
I borrowed the overalls from family members. 
On a couple of the hats, I simply sewed a few pieces of yarn to make tufts of hair. 
The "Gru G" was printed off the internet. And they all wore black gloves.
The eldest had an opportunity to dress up for work, so she opted with a 'prettier' costume. She went as "Little Red Riding Hood" and the "Big Bad Wolf" came over after work to Trunk or Treat with her. 
Shannon's "Gru" nose was fashioned with aluminum foil and masking tape. Then I sewed a thin piece of elastic around it so he could wear it. My "Dr. Nefario" hair was panty hose, pipe cleaners and stuffing. The gloves were regular black gloves with pieces of felt sewed to make them look longer. I printed the yellow "Gru G" from the internet and sewed it on. My lab coat and goggles were borrowed.
If you have ever googled Gru scarves, you might be surprised to find that they are almost $30! EEK! 
Totally not in our budget at all. Thankfully I found this grey and black striped jacket at goodwill. I cut through all the seams and sewed it up into one long strip to make him a scarf! I was tickled pink to find this when I went shopping. 
I shaped "Gru's Freeze Ray" from aluminum foil and then covered it with masking tape. Then Carlie painted it the aqua blue color it is on the movie. 
For our vehicle, I took one yellow tablecloth from the dollar tree, and one blue. I taped them over the back doors. Then a couple white paper plates, some black paint, some duct tape and we had our 'big minion'!
Also, Carlie painted the pumpkin and I printed off a page of Minion cut outs from the internet. 
It was a fun-filled evening! We enjoyed handing out candy and reaching out to those who came by. 
Have a great day friends and welcome to November!!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! You are one creative lady! Brought back so many happy memories of all those great Halloweens with my children and now enjoying our grands. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  2. You are so very creative! Great job! I loved seeing how you did it so cheaply too! Makes it even better. Myrtle, from shed