Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Last weekend we had a very busy time. We went to our cousins wedding reception and then had to get home to cook for our Thanksgiving meal at church the next day. Alone, this could have taken me hours and hours... but thankfully my sweet family came alongside and asked to take over certain dishes. So with my general instructions, they set out to work and we all worked alongside together to make the rather hefty task much more manageable! 
We had chicken stock to be jarred up.
Chicken to de-bone
Macaroni and cheese to be made.
Broccoli and Cheese Casserole
Rice to be cooked in the instant pot
Deviled eggs
Gorilla bread

It was a lot of work.
We washed and put away a lot of dishes... but the sweet time of having *almost* the whole family together was so precious. (Cameo was out of town :( *sad face )
The kitchen was cleaned up and we had time to do other things once we were all finished! 

The food turned out great! And everyone practiced or learned new skills. 
Carlie Jean is determined there is nothing more fun than kneading dough, and thinks maybe she wants to be a baker. 

I'm so blessed. My heart is full! 

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