Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is such a sweet time for us. We are so grateful to have a large family and plenty of meals to share with them. We have several Thanksgivings that we go to... but only one Thanksgiving at home. And our traditions are not traditional. Since we normally have big, traditional meals every other place we go, we opt for a yummy meal that we don't often have for our day at home. Most often, lasagna wins out. It's a big hit with the whole family and once it's made... it's a one pan wonder! So that means I get to spend time doing things with the family too. 

This year, Eli went to his first ever ham shoot during the day of Thanksgiving. Although there were no prizes for 2nd place, he took home that title and the enjoyment of doing very well at his first ever shoot!

While he was busy, the younger kids and I played games. 
Sorry, The Allowance Game, and Operation.

Operation is a stressful game for me. I get so focused on trying to remove those pieces that the buzzer panics me when it sounds. Not a fan... haha, but the kids thought it was hilarious and we all laughed at my nervousness. 

I'm so thankful for time with my family. It is the most precious thing we have. I hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving week as well!

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