Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I *heart* Monday

Mondays for most people are dreaded and un-friendly days... a day that summons the new week, that means, work, and the daily grind begins again after a weekend of fun. 

I don't really feel this way about Mondays. I enjoy them. To me, it begins a new week full of opportunity. 
Mondays are not easy, by any means...

Monday always has the biggest laundry. 
Monday always has the most work. 
Monday is the first day of the new school week. 
Monday always begins my preps for the week... 
but isn't that a blessing and not a curse? 
I guess that all depends on our point of view.

I know I've said many times that I love the quote...
 "Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it... yet" -Anne of Green Gables 
And that is how I feel about Monday.
It's a brand new week.
A brand new opportunity.
A blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Have a schedule that needs some tweaking?
 Monday is the perfect day to start again. 
School begins again. 
Monday is a great time for learning... any day is, you know, but especially Monday!

Monday is a day when we can look forward to the rest of the week. 

Don't waste your Monday by dreading it so much. 
With eager hands, make the most of it!

So maybe it just takes a little change of attitude. Thank God for this brand new opportunity and embrace your Monday. Look forward to all that you can do for your family and serve them and the Lord with gladness. 

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