Monday, October 17, 2016

Field Trip to the Nina and Pinta

Last week we were blessed to get to go on a field trip to Guntersville, AL to visit replicas of the Niña and Pinta! The last time we went to see these, Abram was smaller than our little cousin who went with us. So about 11 years ago! 

They are really beautiful ships, it's truly amazing how much they hold and how difficult it would be for the crew to travel for months at a time. And deck hands lived on deck. No matter what the weather. Wow. 
This map shows the routes that the replicas take to visit different ports. I found it amazing how far they go! 

We had a great group!
After we went to the replicas we visited a campground where my family stayed when I was young. It's a beautiful spot!

We also stopped at this cool rock wall. I just love finding neat places with my kids. 


  1. Great Pictures! Chas, you look great!

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