Friday, September 9, 2016

Time for Tea

This week has been a busy one, as we get back in the habit of formal lessons again. I love a schedule, as I have said... many, many times. But learning to adapt everything in our lives into a schedule and still carve out moments of thoughtfulness and rest is important. So this week, along with our homeschool lessons, I've reintroduced our 'tea time'. When the children were younger, we had tea time, and I was looking for old posts that I could link to, but I can't find them. I am guessing they must have been lost on my old homestead/homeschool blog when the server shut down. 
Sweet memories.  
So, without much prep or planning, I announced to the children that we were going to have tea time. All of them slightly remembered it, and were excited. Carlie especially because she really wanted to treat everyone and use her special tea set.
We set out the spread with a few crackers and cheese cubes, some apple wedges, sugar, cream and tea. 
Just enough for a light snack to finish up the day and rejuvenate our afternoon.
We sat... we were reflective... we chatted... and we sipped.
It was altogether lovely. 
Even if it is just once and a while if everyday is out of the question, carve out a few minutes to collect your thoughts and enjoy your children. It will be a memory that they won't forget, and neither will you. 

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