Friday, September 23, 2016

Hobbit Day 2016

Yesterday was a special day around here.... Not only was it the first day of the beautiful season of AUTUMN! but, it was also Hobbit Day. We don't always have a feast on Hobbit day, but this year, I wanted to make things a little special. I wrapped my mind around what we needed... Nothing super special, but we wanted to make our table look grand and full like Bilbo's. If only my larder looked as grand... swoon.
So I just planned on roast chicken and drumsticks, po-tay-toes (boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew)(what's taters, precious?), apples, cheese, sourdough bread, broccoli, carrots, apple fritters, and hot tea.

We read a lot yesterday. Mainly from "The Hobbit" but we finished our other lessons also. 
I printed out a few quotes that made the table look extra festive.

And last night we had a wonderful meal and watched "The Hobbit" 
Nothing too extravagant, but memorable and fun, and worth the little bit of effort to put it together. 


  1. What a great to celebrate Fall and Hobbit Day. Everything looks wonderful!

  2. Wish that I could have been there! So happy that Fall is here. My home is all decked out, much of it done by our daughter, and is lovely....candles keeping us all in a festive mood. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  3. Chas, I love this!!!! I am going to copy your entire idea...I hope you don't mind! I will post on my blog when I do (it may be later in the winter months). What a delight to read your blog!