Monday, September 26, 2016

Boys Camp

My boys went camping a few weekends back, when Carlie and I worked on her dolly quilt, remember? Look at the BEAUTIFUL place the boys had the privilege to stay... I am a little bit jealous. The pictures just had me like "WOW!!! I can't wait to have a family camp there!"
To top it off, they got to camp with some of their best buddies, and that always makes camping or pretty much anything else better!!!
They shared with me about their adventure. Their goal was to only need what they carried on their back. That's hard for me as their Mom... I want to make sure they have EVERYTHING they could possibly need (and more). But this weekend was about trying to make do with little... 
Cans of food. Finding water. Building their own fires. Cooking their own meals.

They talked about the hiking trails they took, the streams, and lakes, and waterfalls. They told me about some of the cool trees, and huge boulders, and bluff views. 
How they were in charge of a lot of the responsibilities of the weekend. Making men out of my boys... That makes my heart swell. 

They hiked a lot! 
They built some shelter for their campfire wood, because there was a chance of rain that weekend. 
It wasn't a long trip or very far away, but even small trips help to prepare our boys for adventures to be had, for responsibilities that need to be cared for, and for the possibilities of what lie ahead. 
I'm thankful for these opportunities for my young men.

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