Thursday, August 25, 2016


Yesterday started out as any normal Wednesday. The children and I were home, Cameo was home from work. I had some thoughts in my mind as what I wanted to accomplish for the day, and I wanted to give the kids a little rest because we don't begin back with school until after Labor Day, these last few days of summer break that they have left...  so it was quiet in the house. I had my Bible time and prayed for a little while, remembering a few special requests that had been on my mind and heart. I began my morning tasks of tidying the kitchen and straightening up. And then I remembered that I had been asked to make a few things for some dear people. By that time the children were rising and I asked them if they wanted to make a quick trip with me to Hobby Lobby. 
Within just a few minutes, everyone was up and ready to head out the door.

We were low on gas so I stopped and put some gas in Bessie, the suburban. She acted a bit funny when she didn't start right off, but as with Bessie, being an older girl ('99 model to be exact) she sometimes putters. I pulled over in the parking lot and turned her off and tried again to see if I was going to have any trouble and she cranked right up as normal this time. So off we go, to make our quick trip to town... or so we thought. 

Cameo hooked up the phone and was playing music through the old burban's tape player, and we were all talking. Eli was reading over many of the requirements that he will have to meet to attain certain badges he wants in his Trail Life group and the younger two were having a conversation on their own. After a few minutes, we all heard a weird sound. I turned down the music, fully expecting that the car behind us was having trouble. To my horror, the car that was having trouble was ours. I immediately turned off the air, the radio and began to pray aloud. We were coming through the 'ridge-cut' in Chattanooga and if you are familiar, you know there is NO where to pull over safely in that spot. I pleaded with God to spare us, to grant us safety, and to allow us to pull over somewhere. Grey smoke began to billow from the hood and the noise was still there. The thermostat on the dash was pegged out at the top and still I prayed. 

I know that it was not an eloquent prayer. I know that it was basically the same thing over and over and over. But I pleaded with God because if we weren't able to get off the freeway soon, I was afraid we were going to catch fire or were going to be hit by the traffic around us. 
Though we probably only had about a mile to travel to get off the freeway, it seemed like an eternity.
I looked behind us when we were about halfway to the exit ramp and God had cleared a path. There was absolutely NO cars even close to us. Not ONE! Anyone who knows this area knows how wild this is... But we still had a little ways to go before we were out of the woods... 

We pulled off the exit and again, no cars in our way, we coasted down the ramp and were able to pull over into the first open parking lot we came to. Do you have any idea what that parking lot was for? It was an old church that had been turned into a mission. We were SAFE! Safe from the traffic. Safe from the problem with the suburban, safe in the parking lot of a mission. 

My God took care of us. He spared us from harms way. His mighty hand led us safely to this spot. 

My purpose on this earth is to love God, to honor God, and to make Him known. 
This little spot on the internet is a wonderful way for me to share my God with others. To give Him honor for what He has done. My heart is thankful. My soul magnifies the Lord. 

I debated whether to post this or not, because I didn't want anyone to think that I was putting on the 'poor me, we don't have a car anymore' vibe out. And that is NOT the reason for my post. 
My post is to BLESS the name of the Lord for HE has done GREAT things. My children and I are safe today. 

Thank you, LORD! You are WORTHY of our praise!!!


  1. So glad you decided to post your story. I never once sensed a "poor me" tone, but rather, a definite "Praise the Lord" spirit in your words!

  2. Love this Chas! Thanks for sharing. God is sooooo good and He will provide not only safety when we need it but the physical blessings we need as well.

  3. Praise the Lord! I think I know the ridge cut your talking about and to be no cars only God could have done that. Chattanooga on a good day still has lots of traffic.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes in the midst of everyday we forget how God cares about every situation and every fear and worry that we are carrying around on our shoulders. Thank you God! Carolyn in Florida