Friday, August 12, 2016

Lake Winnie '16

Lake Winnie is such a fun place. We took our youth department for a back-to-school/end of the summer trip last week. Other than the fact that it was hot as blazes, we had a WONDERFUL time. 

What's great about the park now, is that they have the water park addition, so anytime we were mega hot, we walked over into the water area and took a few turns around the lazy river or down the flumes. So refreshing!

Then when we were ready for rides again, we hopped out, dried off, and headed back to the park. 
The day we went was perfect. Very little wait time for rides and so we could hop on any ride in a matter of a few minutes. LOVE THAT! We rode and rode and rode!

I love being with the youth. They make me feel young for a little while, afterwards I feel how old I'm becoming. Haha. 

But to see the smiles on the faces, and the laughter of all the kids... TOTALLY worth the tiredness. ;) 

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