Thursday, August 11, 2016

Camping on the River

Over the summer we finally were able to do something that I LOVE to do.... Camp on the river. We haven't been camping on the river since Eli was 6 months old. This year he will be 14, so that says a lot. I enjoy camping period... but I LOVE camping on the river. To wake up, sip coffee that has been brewing over a fire and look out at the river so calm and quiet. To watch the kids out there playing in the water from sun up to sun down. Huddling under shelter when there is a pop-up thunderstorm... 
Drying sleeping bags and blankets and sleeping in cars sometimes because all your gear is soaked from said thunderstorm. It's hard, it's tiring, but, man... what memories are made!!! 
While we were there, my kids proclaimed that this was the best vacation we have ever been on. I loved hearing that. When I was young, camping on the river was some of my favorite times too. I loved that they got to play with their cousins constantly. I loved that they got to try new things! Water skiing and knee-boarding! 
Fishing, canoeing, inner-tubing, kayaking, swimming... Such fun!
Cooking over a campfire. Making s'mores. Shadow puppets on drying laundry. 

My heart was filled to overflowing. We came back a bit tired, a bit sore, and a bit sun-burned... but boy-oh-boy, we came back smiling too. I love spending time with my family. 

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