Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Fun- Slime

There are a lot of opportunities for fun to be had, if you just seize the moment and go for it. A little pre-planning can make for a good long time of creative fun for all ages! 

This project is easy, it's a little messy, so work somewhere that it will be easy to clean up. Our school table is the perfect place for that. I'll give you directions on exactly how WE made our slime. There are a lot of variations out there.  I recommend you keep this toy away from furniture and nice clothes, just in case. It will clean up, but it is a bit of a mess. Avoid the mess by keeping it in a designated play area!

1 bottle of clear glue (5 oz)
2 tubes of glitter glue (you can leave this out or use a small amount of glitter instead)
food color (optional)
1/4 cup of liquid starch 
2 bowls
spoons to stir mixture

Here's what we did.

We separated (just eyeball it) the clear glue into two bowls.
Add one tube of your color or glitter to one bowl and the other to your other bowl.  That is if you want to make two separate colors. If you want to make one color, you will only need one bowl for everything! It's all up to you!

Mix the glitter glue and ONE drop of food colors to your bowl. 
Then add your liquid starch between each bowl, eyeballing so each gets about half. 
Stir, stir, stir.
Once congealed enough you can work the slime with your hands. It starts out VERY sticky, but if you will knead it for a bit, the stickiness will go away enough to be able to play with it without the slime sticking to everything. 
Slimy fun!

After you have kneaded it til pliable you can take both colors and mix it together!
Be forewarned that if you do mix the colors, they do not stay separate. They will mesh together, but that's fun too!

Abe added a nickel inside his. 
Carlie decided to blow hers like a bubble by laying it over her mouth and blowing. She did NOT put this in her mouth. Just making sure everyone knows that. 

Store your slime in a ziplock bag or in a small tupperware to keep moist. It will dry out if you leave it out. We played with ours well over an hour. Great fun on a super hot summer day!

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