Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nicaragua: Part 2

I'm thankful to say that my family is now all home safe and sound and I am so grateful for the time they were allowed to be in Nicaragua and the opportunities in which they participated. Many souls were saved and many lives were changed while they were there. Including theirs!
They were able to see some wonderful sights too. In this picture Shannon and Cameo are in front of Crater Lake.  That's a lake near the largest body of water, Lake Nicaragua. 
Bro Dave and the school children and teachers. 

They both excitedly talk about their trip and keep remembering moments that they want to share with the family. We have heard many stories and looked at many pictures of their time there.

One of the churches that visited. This is the youth group above. 
They had opportunities to give out needed items, including backpacks filled with supplies for the kids who will be starting to school soon. 
Both of them say they would go back again if God provides a way. Both saying that it was a blessing to be able to work with the team and with the people who live there. 

The picture above shows the day they took them for ice cream. That is the line of children waiting for their ice cream. Precious.
The picture above is one night that they children were treated to a piƱata filled with treats!

Our welcome sign! 
Waiting on our loved ones! 

I'm relishing in the fact that we are all home together again and we are so thankful for how we were supported, financially and prayerfully by all of you. We know that God was in this and we know that your support was a blessing.
Thank you all. We love you and appreciate you. 

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