Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday in the Garden 6.23.16

Heirloom tomatoes on the vine. Not close to being red just yet, but we are definitely getting there.

Beans growing up my trellis! 

Jalepeno poppers... I can hardly wait!
Squash bread... today. This fella grew overnight I think. ;) 
Mint tea this afternoon. 
My zinnias are not growing as much as I would like. I need more seeds and try again. I planted a ton of seeds, so I am not sure what is going on. 
Black eyed Susan, you are a beauty! 
A small patch of wildflowers.
Apples with just a hint of blush on the top.

It may be small, but it makes me happy and it will provide a little bit of our food to our table. Hopefully we will become better gardeners as life goes on, but every year we learn a little more, we may try something new and see if it works for us. It's important to learn to do things. Even on a small scale we are teaching ourselves and our kids how to grow things. How to be responsible, how to grow food (even if only a little), and to take care of what we have and those are all good things to know. 
So don't think you have to have an acre of vegetables to be able to learn from a garden. Plant a tomato plant in a pot. Plant a pepper plant beside your front door if you don't have much of a yard to make a garden. Grow a few wildflowers in a small patch in your back yard. You'll be glad you did. 
Just grow! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing your garden. We are going to plant a few things this afternoon even though we are late. we do have some sweet potatoes growing but had such bad luck with tomatoes the past few years that we did not plant any this spring. But, I have one hugh pot sitting empty still and I will try one tomato plant cause I just love to see them growing. Going to plant some pumpkin seeds to surprize our daughter. Never tried pumpkin seeds before. Are they hard to grow?

    1. Pumpkins are something I always PLAN on planting, but sometimes forget because they take SO long to mature. I've grown them before and they aren't hard, but you need a good amount of space and time. I hope you have great success! :)