Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Freshening up, the library and the spirit!

I love hometown book sales and local markets, you might just find what you need. 
And maybe I didn't *need* this little illuminated, rotating globe... but it certainly did spark an excitement to clean and organize the home library. 

Saturday morning, our little town had a homeschool used book sale and I knew there would be a good chance I might find a few new books for our home. And who better to buy from than your friends?!?! 

A few moms banded together to set up the sale. They had sections for grade levels, library additions, extracurricular activities, games, maps, a freebie pile and even fresh eggs! It was wonderful and even if I had not bought my sweet little globe above, I was so blessed by several moms who are just kindred souls that just by being with them for just a little while, helped to refresh my spirit and my enthusiasm. And I pray that I may have been that kind of refreshment to someone at some point as well... 

Homeschool Mom... it's a difficult road, but it is an important one. Keep on keeping on. 

And like I said, the addition of a few new books and the globe, I was spurred on to a little refreshing in my home too. Which is always a happy sight to me and my learners.  

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