Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Field Trippin in Huntsville

Several months back my sister, my mom, and I decided that we wanted to take a few little field trips over the summer. My sister planned the whole thing and she did an incredible job! I could not have picked a more ideal setting for our lunch.  The spot for our picnic was Madison County Nature Trail. They had a lot of picnic tables and a pavilion and we brought out own lunch and picnicked surrounded by this picturesque scene. The kids were so busy feeding the geese that they hardly had time to finish their own lunch. 
The park is a 72 acre (I believe) wildlife refuge with a 17 acre lake right in the center. There were geese,  fish, turtles galore, and the kids even spotted a snake. ugh. We took a short little hike to the covered bridge and down past the lake.
So many beautiful spots. The lake, streams, plants, man-made benches, art, birdhouses, picket fences, and covered bridges. 
And the flowers...
Yes! One of my favorite parts! 

If you are ever down towards Huntsville, AL, I highly recommend packing you a little lunch and setting aside a bit of time to go and visit this beautiful place. I hope to visit again soon. The other part to our field trip in Huntsville was the Harmony Park Safari! I'll share pictures of that with you very soon.

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