Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A word for the wise...

Daisy ~ Bellis Perennis

To anyone who may want to listen, here's a little advice. 

Take time to look. 
See, observe, appreciate, enjoy. 
As the old saying goes, 
"Stop to smell the roses" 
Purple Coneflower ~ Echinacea anguvstifolia

This world is quite often a difficult place, but there is still much, much good. God has created an amazing world. He created incredible people too. Invest in people, see the good, encourage, teach. 
The Bible says, 

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. 
Genesis 1:27

We are all VERY different, but we were all created in His image. Maybe there is anger, hate, hurtfulness, but we will never overcome this darkness with more anger, hate, and hurtfulness. It can only be overcome with the things that God gives to those who belong to Him. The fruit...
Are we as believers displaying these characteristics? 
I've had to look long and hard at my life lately. I want these to be so evident in me. Much more so than they are right now. 
Hydrangea ~ Hydrangea macrophylla

So that means letting go of me, and displaying more of Him. 
That means changing perspective, changing my attitude, choosing to let Him have complete control. And for someone that is controlling (sigh... that is me oftentimes) it can be a difficult task.

Lupine ~Lupinus polyphyllus

Friend, be the change. 
You won't be perfect.
Heaven knows I am FAR from perfect, there has been people I've disappointed, hurt, and let down. That saddens my heart. I've even done this to those who are the closest to me! You know why? Because I am fallible. I am just a sinner who is saved by the beautiful grace of Jesus. 
So, yes, I will fail because I am me... But with all my heart, I am striving to be more like Jesus. 
And even through my finite-ness, I can help point you to One who never will fail, never disappoint, never let you go. 

My life aches to magnify the Lord. 
In everything I do, I want to bring Him honor. To bring Him praise.

Starting there, I believe there can be beautiful change. 
Love people like Jesus does, friend.
Point them to Him with your life and your words. 

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