Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day weekend was absolutely splendid. 
Saturday morning I was begged by my eldest son to stay in bed and relax a little longer. He made me this breakfast and it was scrumptious. Then he made breakfast for the rest of the family.
I planted flowers for my mother-in-law and had a few leftover to plant for myself. When we went to see her this weekend, I commented on how I liked a pot of flowers she had sitting in a chair. I told her I had been looking for a chair to do the same thing.  She said that she had one for me,  this chair that came from Shannon's great grandmother and most all the family had used it at some point. It didn't have a seat any longer, but the frame is still so sturdy and I love the messy, chippy paint. The fact that so many used it throughout the family history made me love it even more.
My Carlie Jean begged to go shopping for me and came back with several treasures. It was so sweet. I love the rooster!
Shannon and the boys worked on this for his mom. I love when they get out and get creative with their welding. This is my favorite piece they have made so far. I think it is so fun and inventive. I know she will treasure it as well. 
The only thing I had really asked for, for mothers day was some work done in the garden and a cattle panel to fashion into a trellis. We haven't had a chance to get it fixed up just yet, too much going on. But I will show you once we do. I can't wait. 

My four that made me 'Moma'
My treasures. 
Flowers are blooming all over the yard. I LOVE the pops of color. It makes me so happy.
We had some fun times at my Mom's. I got to keep my little cousin for a while and these two little ones reminded us of the two big ones when they were babies. So it was fun to see them together. 
Sweet babies playing with kitchen tools. So precious.

I am so blessed and this weekend was absolute perfection. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

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