Monday, May 2, 2016

Bloom where you are planted

Have you ever just taken the time to look... I mean really look at the incredible design of flowers? They are completely fascinating. So many varieties and shapes, colors, textures, scents, sizes. I think they are an amazing design of our Creator. Not only were they made to make the world a more beautiful place, many are medicinal, some are edible, and they are so good for the bees, which in turn is good for us!! 
I like the old saying,
Bloom where you are planted.
Sometimes we can get defeated and downtrodden, thinking if ONLY this was different, I would be more content, happier, more stable, more able, and on and on...

If only I had a better job, that would solve everything.

If only I was able to pay this bill off, then I could breath.

If only I was thinner, that would make me happy.

If only I was able to fix this problem, then I really could be happy.

If only I had a bigger house, that would make me content.

If only our cars were nicer... that would be the answer.

If only my husband and I could get on the same page.

If only my kids wouldn't fuss so much.

If only...
If only...
If only....
You know what?
If you/me/us keep on at this "If only" stuff... we will wish our life away. We all know life is a fleeting vapor. As we get older we see just how fast it moves. 
Stop and see.
Stop and realize.
This life you are given right now, right here is your life. The life you have been given... We have to take what we have been given and make the best of that opportunity. 
If the kids fuss too much, work with them. Don't stick them in front of the tv or give them a phone and let them run off to their own rooms. Give them times of work and play and family. Give them opportunities to work as a team with their siblings and stick close so you can nip any problems in the bud!
If you and your spouse are struggling a little, start making time together. Begin praying together, begin having a devotion together, begin working on making each other a top priority. 
If work is not great, make sure your not the one making it worse. If you go about your work with a terrible attitude, I can guarantee it that it's going to be pretty crummy... But if you go about it with a heart of thankfulness and joy, it will improve. And then what a influence you will begin to have on others!
Mom at home? Enjoy each day. Get up, pray and thank God for these little ones, or not so little ones that you have to raise and train and BLOOM! Bloom in front of their eyes! Show them the joy in you. Show them how important this job of mothering really is and eagerly work. Be their inspiration! Bless them, and by blessing them... you bless yourself, and I believe most importantly, you bless God. 

Mom or wife who works away from home. Make sure to make that home a happy place when you are there. Make sure to spend that time when you are with your children and husband and make it count!
You can do it!

No amount of money or stuff can replace a happy home.
Remember that.
 Chas, you with the cotton stuffed ears. You who are too busy whining to hear.
Oh, yeah... I remember now.
So bloom.
Bloom and show this world how wonderful life can be.
Bloom and show those around you what the joy of the Lord can do for you!
Bloom and give off a life giving fragrance that is a blessing to those who even briefly come in contact with you. They will remember your encounter. You are a treasure!

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