Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Simple Fire Starters

When Eli was in scouts he and I made some fire starters for him to take on his first ever campout. He was so excited to come home and tell me that he had won the fire starting challenge! He remembered that experience this past week when we were preparing for our first Trail Life campout and asked if he could make those again!
Being several years older, he gathered the supplies and made them himself. 
It's very simple, but you have to be a bit careful with the hot wax.

Supplies you need are:
Cotton Round facial wipes
Wax paper
Candle wax

Basically, burn the candle long enough that there is enough wax that is liquified on the top then blow out the fire. With your tweezers take one of the cotton rounds and gently lower it down into the wax and coat the outside of the cotton.

Lay each coated pad on the wax paper.

I wish I had pictures of how they are used, but I will explain here.
Gather your wood and tinder and prepare your fire pit. 
Take your fire starter and tear a bit of it so that the cotton is exposed. Lay it down in the fire pit where it can begin to catch the small sticks, leaves, etc on fire and light. 
The cotton will burn and the wax coating will allow the fire starter to burn longer giving the fire more of a chance to get started and stay burning... 

Happy Camping!

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