Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stitching for friends

Sometimes creativity gets pushed to the back burner... even when you LOVE to create and LOVE to take something as simple as yarn and by maneuvering and manipulating that yarn you create something unique and beautiful. It's so satisfying and just makes you smile. 

But even with all that love, we sometimes get so busy that one thing we really love gets pushed aside for a little time. 
But then when you do finally set aside a little dollop of time, boy oh boy... it's like being with an old friend who you have missed terribly. It's a sweet, sweet reunion.
There has been some changes in my family schedule as well as a terrible two weeks of the flu making its way though each member of the family. So creating beautiful things was not on my radar for several weeks.  But then thankfully sickness moves over and after many days of trying to play catch up... a day or two of cold, rainy weather came through and we couldn't be outside...
I began to get itchy fingers that needed to feel yarn in my hands again. To feel the rhythmic movements of my hook and yarn. It's such a good thing.

I'm thankful for moments of creativity, even if I am creating for others it is a joyful time. 

I hope you carve out a few minutes for something you thoroughly enjoy as well.
Have a beautiful day!

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