Friday, April 29, 2016

Highs and Lows

Life has been busy and scattered around here lately, full of some highs and some lows. Life is like that, some days you are on the mountain top and some days you are deep in the valley. 
Thankfully though, none of this is a surprise to God. He knows each and every step we will take before we take it. He is aware of needs even before we need them. So we can totally trust Him with everything. He doesn't promise us to always stay on that mountaintop, but He promises us that He is with us on that mountain and He is with us when we have to cross through that dark valley.

Each night we get to have supper around the table, we have this thing we do... it's called "High and Low" We go around the table and talk about our most favorite part of the day, and if there is a extremely hard part that is our 'low' we can talk about that too. 
In the past we have talked about both when it was our turn, but now we have try to get our minds focused on the high and if the low isn't too big of a deal we just talk about our highs. 

There has been great work going on in the garden, cleaning and rearranging and hopefully soon, maybe even today... some planting.
Since our camping excursion, the kids have been eager to sharpen up their skills. Abram asked to find a youtube video on knife sharpening and so he worked on sharpening his pocket knife and then the kids worked on some of my kitchen knives too. That was a blessing to me! 

The boys wanted to get out in the 'axe-yard' and practice their skills. They are getting so much better already! I've got two fine men in the making. 
And the sweetest sight to see in the evening on my drive home. My little home sweet home with my most favorite people in the whole wide world. The greatest 'high' I can have is being home with my whole family. 

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