Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Banquet '16 and Serving The Lord with Gladness

Every year our association of churches puts on a Valentine's Banquet. The schedule rotates so each church has a chance to host the dinner. This year the dinner was not at our church but at a sister church. It was absolutely beautiful. 

Not only were the decorations so pretty, the food was beautiful, the company was wonderful, the church really went all out and served one another... filling up tea glasses, giving whipped cream to your cheesecake or taking away any dirty dishes. It was a beautiful picture of service. As I glanced around the room taking it all in, I was overwhelmed with the love that was poured out. All this was done in the name of Jesus. The servers, the cooks, the decorators, the attendees, even their pastor and his wife bustled around helping out.... everyone was there to celebrate Jesus and the love that He pours out on us. 

 This all got me thinking of the beauty of serving the Lord with gladness and there are no big or small acts. Only service. 
Someone had to go to Costco (or somewhere) to buy the food for all those people (and there were a lot!).
Someone had to cook.
Someone had to plan the layout of the room.
Someone had to plan the entertainment, which was lovely. It was a piano man and he did a fabulous job. 
Someone had to wash dishes. Those were real plates and glasses!
Someone had to gather the linens and wash them.
Someone had to plan how many servers they would need, how much tea to make, how much coffee to brew, how many green beans to cook. 
Someone had to keep track of expenses.

No task was menial, no task was unimportant, all were there for a reason and when all were working in order, what a blessing it was for so many.

Shannon and I don't go out often, but we enjoyed a sweet evening together with our eldest and her boyfriend, as well as many other dear souls that go to church with us. But also, we got to see some precious people that we know and love that attend other churches. So many there, in one accord.
 So friend, realize... there is no small task when it comes to serving the Lord. All are important, and all are needed. Serve the Lord with gladness and see what He can do. And, make a point to fellowship with other believers. We desperately need encouragement in the faith. A friend who is willing to spur you on... I am thankful for those in my church who are encouragers and edifiers. See... every task is important. So we need to make sure we are using our gifts and serving the Lord and one another. 

And most importantly... if the Lord isn't your main focus, change that today. Make Him Lord of your heart and Lord of your life. He loves you and desires that with you!