Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reusable Cash Pouch Tutorial

Good Morning, friends! 
Last week when I showed you my cash pouches, I had several requests for a tutorial on how to make their own, or if I would be willing to sell any.
The answer is YES to both. ;)
First, I will show you how I made them, though.

What you need: 

Well, I guess you could go with out the coffee... but why? ;)

Now, before we begin, I want to say again! The grammar and instruction here is not the best. I tried to write it out as if we are sitting next to one another at the sewing machine and just chatting... It's just how I do it, and it is simple. You know the saying, "If I can do it, anyone can!" Well, that's the truth in a nutshell!!! 
Feel free to contact me with any questions. I would be HAPPY to help if I can! :)

I used a 7" zipper. Now when the package says 7" zipper, there is a 7" zipper there with an extra inch of zipper fabric in the front and an extra inch of zipper fabric in the back. 
So in total, all the way across is 9" and that is how long you need your fabrics.
The depth of your pouch is up to you. You just need to be consistent with all your cuts and make them all the same.

I cut mine 9" wide and 5" tall 
You will need 2 pieces cut for outside fabric and 2 pieces cut for the lining.
Also, if you want a stamped band, cut a little snip on one side of your muslin fabric... maybe about an inch or two wide and rip. Amazingly you will get a very nice and even piece of fabric and it has this cute raw edge to it. If you like it like that... go for it. If you would prefer a finished edge then zig-zag around if that's what you would prefer.
I like the fringy raw edge. So I laid my band of muslin across my outside fabric and stitched down each side.

Once you have that get your zipper.
I will tell you again...
I. Am. Not. A. Seamstress.
I am sure that there are MANY others out there would would do this process MUCH better and MUCH differently.... and that is TOTALLY cool. 
This is how I did it and it works pretty well for me.

Lay your zipper FACE DOWN against your main fabric.
In the above picture I showed that for me to get around the zipper, I zip or unzip so I don't have to deal with that pesky hump of the zipper to go over.

Stitch down that zipper and then lay your first liner piece right on top and stitch again.

Once you have done that you will want to flip both your liner and your top fabric right side out and topstitch down the side to make it nice, neat and flat.

Picture of the topstitch.
Now, do the exact same process for the other side of the zipper.

First stitching the main fabric to the right side of the zipper.

And sandwich the zipper between the main fabric and the lining and stitch.

Now topstitch this side too.
Here's what the top looks like.

Here's what the lining looks like.
All nice and neat.

Ok, take the outer fabrics and put them right sides together. 

You want to make the zipper line up and be stitched down.
Line it up and pin it if you need to.

Like that.
When you put it together and turn it right side out it will be nice and neat!
Also before you pin this all down, make sure your zipper is only half zipped. That way you can turn everything right side out.
Now start on your liner and begin to stitch around the WHOLE thing. Leaving a few inch gap in the middle of the liner. This way you can turn everything right side out.

Here's what it will look like.

Don't forget to clip your corners. 

Here's what it should look like, clipped corners and all. 
Turn everything right size out. 

Push your corners out while you turn everything to the right side. 
You will have the opening in the lining to deal with once your all right side out.
Now you can do this the right and proper way and do a nice stitch to make it invisible... but
I just zip a stitch right down the side so it encloses that opening.

Push your liner back inside the pouch.

Zip it up and give it a good press with the iron.
Grab your stamps and decide on what you want your pouch to say.

For this one, I picked groceries.

You are ready to go! 

Also, I will have a few sets of these available in the next week or so.
Please check back!

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