Monday, January 18, 2016

God is still good...

You want to know something, you probably already know it, but I just wanted to tell you this morning.
When life is hard...
God is still good.

When life seems unsure...
God is still good.

When blessings abound...
God is still good.

When the road is rocky...
God is still good.

When your heart hurts...
God is still good. 

When things are beautiful...
God is still good. 
There are days when we feel that we are on top of the world and everything is right in it... on those days, we need to PRAISE HIM, because we have NOTHING without Him.

There are days when we feel that we are forgotten, or heartbroken, or we just don't understand...
on those days, we need to THANK HIM, because HE knows us and our needs better than we know ourselves.
There are days when the month and the money don't add up and there are huge mountains looming over...  on those days we need to RELY ON HIM! He is ABLE! He is the PROVIDER!
On the days we feel lonely, we need to remember there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother and we need to LEAN on HIM! He will hold you up! He will strengthen your heart!
Friend, know that Jesus is there. I don't know what you are going through. We are all facing battles that we sometimes don't understand, that we wonder.... WHY? 
We only see a tiny smidgen of the big picture. We can only see the here and now. The LORD knows tomorrow. Trust HIM with it. 

Look up... He is there. 
Fall on your knees and cry out to Him, He is listening.
If you need a prayer partner, I am here. 

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  1. If I ever learned to put a zipper in a project, I'd want you to be my teacher.