Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Being Prepared

One thing I have learned since becoming a mother and a wife is that anything I can do to prepare is worth its weight in gold. It makes life sweeter. It makes things go more smoothly. It is worth it.
Being prepared can factor into many areas of life, but the one I'm talking about this morning is simply being prepared for the day. 

Your family deserves your best each day. 
My family deserves my best!
 At times I can let so much get in my way that they get my scraps... and that is not pleasing to anyone. 

Getting up on time.
Getting to bed at a reasonable hour.
Staying on task.
Making goals.
Following a loose schedule.
Preparing ahead of time.
All these things help me to be the best I can be.

One way of doing that is thinking ahead.

Have you given any thought to your day tomorrow?

How about breakfast? With a little prep and a bit of foresight you can gather what you need for the next morning and it will give you a bit of liberty. 
I don't know about you, but I can be a bit zombie-ish when I first rise. Having something I already prepared ahead of time helps me IMMENSELY! 
Pop it in the oven, or even better... it be something I put in the crockpot the night before. 
That way, I get to sit down with my coffee and my Bible and soak in the morning. I get to open my eyes without feet pattering around wondering... 
"What's for breakfast Mom?" 
(Because you know if our feet hit the floor.... surely it's time for breakfast!--My kids!)

Perhaps make some notes for yourself, set alarms on your phone if you are one who prefers alerts rather than a written schedule. Do what works best for you!

Here's an easy example:

7:00 am, pull ground beef from freezer
11:00 am Cut up oranges to go with lunch, prepare sandwiches, gather water bottles
1:00 pm once beef is thawed, mix into meatloaf
Chop carrots and put in water till supper
Prepare dough for rolls, let rise
4:00 pm Pop meatloaf into oven for dinner at 5:30

Also, like I told you before, get one of your kids and let them be your kitchen helper for the day. Involve them in all this prep and if they are big enough, let them do a lot of the prep! 
I heard this said one time and I thought it was funny and appropriate! 
Teach them like you are wanting them to work you out of a job. 
Let them work alongside you and one day they will be able to do the work on their own!

Make reminders.

One that my husband did recently, to help everyone in our house... 
On Sunday mornings when everything is a bit of a flurry getting ready for church, he has a reminder set on his phone. At 10 minutes before our time to leave, his reminder goes off.

Kids, don't forget your Bible and your notebooks.

The alarm goes off, we go immediately and gather our things and lay them out on the school table so they are ready to grab on the way out the door.  Sometimes, we are ahead of the game... but most of the time, we are not. True story.
I think Tim Hawkins said it best... "Whoever wrote the song, "Easy like Sunday morning" never consistently took their family to church. 
HAHAHA!!! I LOVE church and wouldn't trade anything for going, but we do rush around a bit on those days getting ready. 
But even then... when I plan ahead EVERYONE does better.
EVERYONE!!! Especially Moma! ;)

I know this is not news to anyone. This is as basic as you can get... but it is HELPFUL to me, and I thought I would just share that with you! 

If only prepping one day at a time, you can make your next day go much more smoothly. As a Mom who is home each day with her kids, this helps and it makes our days much more productive and positive. 
That is the best kinds of days in my opinion.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I truly love you blog. I have followed you for a long time and I love your heart, such sweetness. The Lord shines through your writing.

    1. That is so sweet and such a blessing to hear. My heart seeks to magnify the Lord. Thank you for traveling along with me!
      <3 <3