Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Welcome Winter

After taking down my Christmas decorations, I knew I didn't want everything to look bare. I wanted things to still be pretty and wintry...Since we only entered into winter about a week ago!
I knew I wanted plenty of lights too, to combat the darkness of the winter days.  I pulled my light-up snowman out of the kitchen and added him to the scene. I took off the wreath he was holding and his Christmas scarf and subbed it with an aqua fabric scrap. I also made a luminary, added my lantern, and a couple of jars with epsom salt and candles. 
I worked up a little hoop art also. Psalm 51:7b
A friend and blogger reader sent me these huge pine cones many years ago. I still have them all over the house in winter. They are beautiful!

I found one of my storage jars that was missing a lid. I added epsom salt in the bottom and a small jar with candle in the middle. I then carefully cut out a village scene from here. I taped the scene around the jar and set the jar on a cake stand to add some height.

I found a clear vase and I asked Eli to gather me a few branches in between rain showers today... 
yes, it's still raining. 
I went on the porch and sprayed the branches with spray adhesive and tried to sprinkle glitter on them. Needless to say... I am more covered with glitter than the branches. Eek. 
I'll be sparkling long past New Years! I may try to glitter them a bit better another day, but for now, I think they still look pretty.
I love how things look with just the candlelight. 
I stuck a few snowflakes against the wall with some putty. They aren't very visible, but I like the look. 

Let it Snow printable is found here. 

You can see a few sparkles from glitter in the above picture. ;)

Everything to create this was around the house... The fact that my wintry scene was free makes it all the more beautiful to me! 

What about y'all? Do you decorate for winter? I'd love to hear from you. 

Happy Winter, Friends!