Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Family Time Fun

With just a little preparation, and a little gas, the most of the family enjoyed a fun evening on a family scavenger hunt for Christmas lights in our pajamas.  I planned this in our Advent Calendar, and so I knew the night was coming. On one of my favorite blogs, she posted a link to a scavenger hunt print out, I made copies in advance.

Here's one... You can click on it to find the link.

Here's the one we used...
The one we used was actually written for a date night, but we just used it for our family night fun.

Here's a couple more, one with an easier list for younger children.

Pinterest is such a fun tool. I am thankful for the brilliant minds who put together such great ideas for us who may need a little help in that department!

After supper and family worship time, I filled a thermos full of hot chocolate, a jar of mini marshmallows, some cups and candy canes. I also had our clip boards and pens ready and lights for the kids. 
And off we went on our hunt. 
Thankfully we live in a small town that mostly loves to decorate... some spots more than others. 
Our list was able to be completed in about an hour of driving. 

We were especially blessed because a local golf course really put on a spectacular display this year. They even had one house that was synchronized to music! It was fabulous! 

I hope you take a little time with the ones you love and make some memories, you can do this right where you are. Family fun doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant.  
This was definitely something we will want to do again and again! 

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