Monday, December 14, 2015


In our church there are many leaders and helpers in all sorts of ways. Especially in our AWANA program. There are some really big classes and many adults have stepped up to help with such a large group of kids. We also have Sunday School teachers and assistants as well! 
For Christmas, we want to let each one know how much we appreciate their time and efforts to help the church and our children.
We gathered candies, in all sorts of 'mint' varieties.

We took cute little Christmassy bags and filled them with the candies.

And we attached this little note printed out on card stock and then framed with red or green.

Tied up with a bow, we are prepared to let our teachers know how much we appreciate their help this year and it "mint" a lot to us.
Encouragement is such a blessing, we all need to hear that "keep up the good work" or "you are a special person to me". 
Especially as Christmas is here upon us, make a point to encourage someone in your circle today. 

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