Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Joy

Blessed Christmas... what a sweet, sweet Christmas we all had together.
What odd Christmas weather we had as well. Strong storms, lightening, thunder, wind... incredibly strange for this December in the south. 

My newest little nephew, such a precious little gift for us this Christmas. 

Christmas morning. Sleepy kids, but excited for Christmas. 
Carlie Jean with a little help from Dad and Mom made these blow guns for her brothers. Along with a custom target. Hahaha.
Watching one of MY favorites...
The Muppets Christmas Carol
Sitting by my youngest who slipped his hand in mine.
Heart... melted.
Carlie, diving right in to her bead making keychain kit from her biggest brother, Eli.
Christmas Eve candlelight dinner. Lasagna.
A new tradition that we will be very HAPPY to continue.

The kids at Christmas with my Daddy.

The kids at Christmas with my Mom.
And with a couple of black-outs during the day, Hands and Feet went on, by flashlights. 

I hope your Christmas was very special too. 

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