Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas in the Smokies 2015

Saturday we were blessed to be able to spend the day at Dollywood in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Last year our trip was wet and a bit cool. This year is was cooler and dry... which meant a LOT more crowded.
We still had a wonderful time. 
On the Wonder Wheel. Our boys were above Shannon and Carlie and I was riding solo and then below me was Cameo and Houston. It was fun seeing the lights of the park from high above.
These fat little colored light Christmas trees are some of my favorite decorations. 
Two young lovebirds.
I've told y'all before how I love moss. Look at the roof! LOVE!!! It was so beautiful!
Speaking of beautiful... I would have LOVED to take this home with me. It was exquisite! I can imagine I would use it all the time! It had a spout and a handle and was plenty big enough to mix up some pancake batter!
This fireplace in the forge was so lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the ironworks.
Two old lovebirds. Haha

There are such intricate touches to the shops. Unique and beautiful!
More pottery... Swoon! 
The Reason for the Season!
If you look behind the kids, there are bald eagles. We really enjoy this part of the park. Bald eagles are certainly majestic and incredible to see close up.
Fun times!
Our crew!

Some of the lights above Dollywood.
All smiles. 
So precious.

If you ever go to Dollywood... 
Go. Get. Cinnamon. Bread.
That is all. 
Your life will be blessed. ;)

We had a wonderful trip, full of great fun and precious memories. 

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