Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Autumn Quilt

Very seldom do I make big projects for myself, simply because I am usually trying to make things for others or making things to sell.When I was changing things around here for the seasons in the last couple weeks, I realized that all my quilts were bright, summery colors. I didn't have anything that resembled my-most-favorite-of-all-time season.  So a trip to the store and a little color choices from my husband, who surprisingly has pretty good taste, and this quilt idea was born. 
I posted on instagram that I had a quilt in mind. I played with the color arrangements and since I am VERY much a novice quilter, I decided to make up my own pattern and keep it simple with squares and rectangles.

I bought .5 yard of each fabric besides the chevron... I bought 1 yard of that.  I decided to use muslin for the backing. I like the natural look of it and thought it would work well with the quilt I had in mind.
The hardest part for me, by and far is the piecing. Even with large rectangles, I am just not a seamstress. I sew crooked lines. Sigh... One day, I will improve. I'm sure of it. Practice makes progress, right?

My favorite part is the hand stitching. I allowed the muslin backing to be wider than the quilt top and folded it over and stitched it down by hand to bind the quilt.
I used 100% cotton batting for the inside. To me... if I can... that is ALL I will use. It is SO wonderfully soft! LOVE!

It's a bit wonky... a bit rumpled, but I love that about it. It is SO soft and cozy.
The perfect quilt to throw over you for a little reading, or a little resting on these longer forth coming autumn days. 


  1. Perfectly Autumnal. I love it.

  2. I think you did a great job! I just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know of some cool quilting tools that make the job much easier. A quarter foot/1/4 foot for your sewing machine is very helpful for sewing the straight lines and helps keep the seam allowance all the same. There are great square and rectangle rulers that helps a lot as well. Just a couple of helpful tools that make it much easier. For as many years as I have been quilting - I still do not do a perfect job- ever. I say that my imperfections make my quilts uniquely mine. I love your quilt and think I need to make myself a fall quilt - I love this time of year. Lisa :O)