Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Making together

For about a week now, I have been telling myself that I have to get my kraut going... Not a hard task by any means, but one I just have to do. And when I have a million things swirling in my head thinking that I need to do one more is sometimes daunting. 
I was resolved though. Yesterday I knew I was going to get it done. 
Thankfully.... I had someone rush in there and ask, 
"Moma! Can I help you? Please!"
I've told you before that sometimes I struggle with the mentality of 
-just let me do it myself- syndrome.
It's usually easier, less messy, a bit faster...
But then, I miss out on this... What if I had went down that road and not let my precious ones help me? And you know what??? They are not that little any more. They've been helping me for so long that they have really become great sources of help! 
I was there, in close proximity, washing up the dishes that we mussed. I was there, snapping a pic. I was there saying, "hang on to the crock while you pound the cabbage"
But pretty much everything else was taken care of by these three. 
Are my kids becoming that big and self sufficient?

Yeah... they are. 

And I am so proud and so thankful and SO, so grateful for these years we have been home together learning and working together. 
I want to encourage you moms, dads, caregivers...
It doesn't matter if your kids are big or small, take time.
Take time to do SOMETHING together. It doesn't always have to be super fun games or anything. Teach your kids to work alongside you... I didn't ask for one bit of help with this.
I was begged to let them help. (Don't ask me if it happens with dishes or laundry... haha)

A wonderful time and a job well done. 
Thank you Lord for allowing me to enjoy these moments.
Working or playing, we are together and I am forever thankful.

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