Thursday, September 17, 2015

Apple Chips

Today the kids and I made some apple chips, it didn't take long at all and they were so good... well, we almost ate every one by this evening. Grant it, we only had 3 apples to use. But that won't be the case for long, because we are hoping to pick up a bushel or two soon from our local farmers market.

They are super simple. Cut the apple so you have disks, not wedges. 
I think the apple is so pretty this way. Look! It looks like a little star or flower in the center! 
Make sure to remove the seeds.

Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and sugar. You could add more spices if you like.
All those would be lovely... 
But for today, we only used cinnamon and sugar.

We set the dehydrator on about 150* and let them begin to dry. You could do this with your oven also.  Don't dry them out completely. There is a crispness and a chewiness that we LOVED. 
If you want to store them for a long time, I would suppose they should be dried longer. 
Tonight, after church, I had a cup of freshly pressed cold apple cider and a few apple chips.
Hooray for apple season! 
Next up... Applesauce
Apple Butter
Fried Apple Pies
Apple Fritters
Apple Dump Cake
Apples, Apples, Apples


  1. This looks fun. In my mind, because of where I live, I never think or try to dry anything!

  2. Once we drove out to Blue Ridge to a small orchard and picked up a truck load of 2nds. As in a tractor scoop of apples. It filled the back of our pick up. Most of them were great for apple sauce and apple butter and some were perfect and some were nasty. It cost less than 20$ that year, but I'm sure the price may have gone up. You should look into it. It was awesome! Totally worth the drive. We had them all cooked and canned or dried in about 4 days, so be ready for apples when you get back :)