Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sprucing up our Homeschool

You know... I used to decorate a lot. Some may think that I still do, but not really like I used to. I was the one climbing in my outside tree to hang Easter Eggs from the branches. I would drape red, white and blue and place American flags everywhere for Independence day. I carved about 4 pumpkins, just because I couldn't decide on my favorite stencil for Halloween. I decorated my vehicle with a wreath and ribbon for Christmas... wait, I still do that. ;) 
So yes, I do actually decorate a good bit. 
I love it, I love a fresh space.
Decorating can be expensive!!!
Oftentimes though,  a fresh space can happen with very little money... what it takes for the most part, is some imagination and a little time. 
I have spied some beautiful things around pinterest. I love pinterest! It's like taking my ideas and magnifying them times 1000. Helping me see things way better than I could have thought of on my own, or taking something I thought of and sharing. 

These little sunflowers. Swoon!!!
Love. Love. Love...
Did I say how much I just LOVE these little cuties? 
Some burlap, sticks, paint and canvas and you can have your own patch.
I will show you how this week.

The ruler wreath? Perfect for back to school. So easy and so adorable!

I pulled some pretty books off my shelves, took the lantern from my kitchen. Painted the little shutter black and added a banner and verse. 
Jeremiah 29:11
A good verse to remember as we prepare for our new school year. 

The paper flowers are just brown paper. I will show you just how easy they are this week too. I adorned the middle with a button, just for a little contrast, I think these could really turn into just about anything. Poinsettias with red, daisies with white, I like the brown, it makes me think of mums... and autumn. 
I. Love. Autumn.
Yes, yes I do. 

My fresh and happy space is such a delight for me to walk by and see. 

Go forth and create! I'd love to hear if this inspires you to spruce up a space. 

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