Friday, August 14, 2015

My Ribbon Organizer

This morning I whipped together an organizer for my ribbons.
The picture below shows my tote box. 
A big. fat. mess...
I was straightening up my shelf in my bedroom/craft room and realized how messy this ribbon box truly was. Too stuffed to close. Too messy to really see what I had or what I need.

This morning I woke up extra early... 4:30 early to watch the meteor shower. So I was able to get a really early start. I began working on my crafting projects after I had my quiet time and coffee.
I got a tiered skirt hanger like the one below. 
I will say, it works... but I would suggest the second picture if you can find one like it. A little less work to get the rods on and off. 

What I had to do was take the hanger and use some pliers to open the sides and slide off the clips and slide on the ribbons.
Here's one of the rods unattached from the rest.

Slide the clips off. 
Slide all your ribbons on and bend your hooks just enough to hook everything back on, but easy enough to get off and replenish when needed. 

The old adage is one I love...
A place for everything... and everything in it's place. 
Eventually. ;) 

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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  1. Wow- you are on an organization mission. Looks Great!