Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Organization Space

I am always on a quest to make my home a much more organized space. Seeking to make me, my husband and my children able to accomplish much when needed and able to relax when necessary. 

Like I told you before, football season is here and that brings later evenings and late suppers. We will begin homeschooling for the year in the next couple of weeks also, so that is a constant on my mind. Getting prepared for that is a big undertaking and I am eager to begin, but not just begin strong (which is easy), but to finish strong... and that is a much bigger undertaking.

A pinterest idea put to use... and it works beautifully!
I was going to mount it to an old piece of wood, but while I was looking around, I found this little chalkboard and thought it was PERFECT for mounting the jar to hold our markers. 
I love it.

For the clothespin board, I simply took some fabric (in this case, fabric that I am pretty sure came about the same time I did. A super retro 70's fabric that I just think is fabulous!) and I stretched it across some canvas and stapled. Then I took some coordinating ribbon and stretched it across and stapled securely. This will be nice to keep any invitation we have or any memorabilia that we gather or anything else that we need to see and remember. 
I have our calendar up also. To fill in with dates of specific events, or special homeschool field-trips, etc. I feel that this will be a very handy space for us.

The little heart came from a  sweet lady in Wales. She and I were partners in a handmade pin cushion swap and she went above and beyond and sent me several other goodies. I know I've had this for about 5 years, at least. I use the pin cushion she made me constantly... it's my favorite one that I own. I used the heart and stitched it on some fabric and made a little embroidery hoop art. It's a sweet little reminder and addition.

And then I hung a large white board to write daily tasks, encouragement, or copy work. All in all, I am very pleased with how this turned out. Now to work on the rest of the house. ;)
Have a great day!