Thursday, August 6, 2015

Burlap Sunflowers

To make your own sunny patch of sweetness, you only need a few items. A lot of it can just be remnants also! 
Canvas or a material for petals 
(you could even use a yellow cotton if you wish, but the canvas makes nice sturdy petals)
Paint for petals
To begin, I simply made a small pillow. A circle-ish shape, sewn most of the way around. Stuff with fiber fill and then finish sewing the rest of the way.
I took some canvas and roughly painted a yellow color on. 
It is very haphazard, nothing perfect. There are light and dark spots all over. I like the way it turned out. You could get a bit more careful and paint it totally even and shade it with other colors along the edges. I'm totally happy with the variations of color. Easy to please, that's me.
I just free formed some petals. A somewhat flat end with a rounded or slightly pointed oblong other end. Something that would mimic a flower petal. As you can see below, they are all very different. I didn't try to get them exact. Again, I liked the variations. 
After you have your "little pillow" and your petals, hot glue the straight end of the wrong side of the petal and begin adhering them to the flower base. 

I overlapped the petals slightly
Once you get all the way around, you have the flower head.
Next, I took a brown sharpie marker.  I used it to make a few 'seeds'.

Find a somewhat straight, thin stick from the yard. Gently work it into the back of your flower. You can glue it if necessary. 

Make several. Make a bunch. Make a happy, sunny, pretty spot in your home! Make each one a little different too, I love all the variety!

Have fun!