Monday, August 3, 2015

August: Week 1 Menu

This week will bring a new schedule to our family. Our boys will begin football and that will prove some very late evenings for us. With the weather being so hot still, suppers and devotions won't happen till late... So I need to have my thinking cap on, to have something for my guys to have a healthy snack before they head off to the fields to keep them through practice until our late night supper.  This may seem no big deal, but we are the family who normally eats supper quite early, 5-6 pm is normal for us.  We are also on a very tight budget right now (not much new there) and I am trying to be creative with our meals, but also make the most nutritious meals I can with what we have. 
So this post may not be too interesting, but it is written to help me think and get prepped for the week. It will also help me as we get ready to start school again in another week or so. This summer has absolutely flown by... I can't believe it is time to start another school year.
 Enjoy the journey, friends!

Snack- Almonds, Water
Supper- Quiche, Salad

Snack- Trail Mix, Water
Supper- Grilled Pineapple Chicken, Vegetable Medley 

(Early Supper before Church)
Supper- Lasagna, Salad, Crusty bread

Snack- Energy bites (I will post recipe this week), Water
Supper- Chicken and Dressing, Green Peas, Carrots

(No Practice)
Supper- Stromboli, Salad


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