Monday, August 10, 2015

A handy little item for your kitchen

A friend of mine sent me a picture a month or so ago and said... "Can you make me some of these??" They were super cute and I thought how handy they would be for bowls that needed to be covered but do not have lids!

I have them listed on my etsy, if you are interested and I can make them in special sizes if these sizes are not what you need. I can use other colors also. 
The large is approximately 10", medium is 8", the small is 7"
Such useful little things. 
Perfect for raising bread.
Place one over your sourdough starter once you feed it.
Use one to cover your potatoes until suppertime. 
The uses are many!

It takes a bit of fabric and a little time, and if you aren't inclined to make some for yourself, let me do it! I'd love to. 

If you want to make one of your own, this is how I did it.
You cut the fabric larger than your bowl, zigzag all the way around the edge. Use 1/4" elastic and sew it stretched around the cover about 3/4-1" from edge. 
Have a wonderful day! 

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